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Clothing sector calls on gov’t to decrease sales tax on apparel


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The growing occurrence of transferring residential licences to commercial licences in Jordan, has significantly affected apparel business owners, said a sector representative.
“There is a huge increase in the number of clothing shops, malls and shopping centres, due to transferring residential licences to commercial,” Asaad Qawasmi, representative of the clothing, garment and jewellery sector at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, told The Jordan Times over the phone on Thursday.
Qawasmi added that the demand is weak and clothing shop owners struggle to sell their merchandise, especially amid the freight crisis that have led to price increases on winter collections.
“Apparel sales have plummeted and shopkeepers have been negatively affected on every possible level,” according to Qawasmi.
He renewed the call for reducing customs duties and sales tax on clothing to alleviate the impact of price increases. 
The Kingdom’s apparel and footwear industry employs around 56,000 individuals and consists of 11,800 facilities operating in different parts of Jordan.

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