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Amal, Hizbullah Accuse 'Armed Organized Groups' of Tayyouneh 'Attack'




Amal Movement and Hizbullah accused "armed and organized groups" of assaulting their supporters in Tayyouneh, in a joint statement Thursday.
They said that “peaceful protesters heading to the Justice Palace to denounce politicization of the port investigation were exposed to direct fire by snipers from the roof of a building at 10:45 am, followed by intense shooting.”
“The shooting was aimed at the heads,” the statement said, “resulting in the falling of martyrs and serious injuries.”
“This attack by armed and organized groups aims to drag the country into a premeditated strife,” the statement said.Amal and Hizbullah held “the instigators” responsible, describing them as “parties hiding behind the blood of the victims and martyrs of the port in order to achieve malicious political gains.”
The two parties called on the Lebanese Army to “assume responsibility and intervene quickly to stop these criminals.”
They also called on all supporters and partisans to remain calm and not to get dragged into malicious civil strife.

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