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Thursday, the Founder and Director of ArabiaWeather, Mohammed Al-Shaker, said that the snow that fell on the Kingdom was concentrated in the central regions, such as the capital Amman and Al-Balqa Governorate.
Shaker also told Roya, that the thickness of the snow reached 27 centimeters in Amman, and the southern regions of the capital had the most accumulation, and the thickness of the snow reached more than expected.
Roya’s correspondent reported that dozens of vehicles were stuck at midnight on Queen Alia Airport Road, impeding access to it due to the accumulation of snow. The authorities reopened the road and restored movement.
ArabiaWeather’s Director pointed out that the air depression began to move towards northeastern Syria, and that the quantities of clouds seem lighter.
Shaker expected that showers of snow will continue to fall from time to time, while it will continue until the early hours of Thursday afternoon, to rise to heights of more than 1,000 meters above sea level.
As for Friday, Shaker pointed out that the rain will continue, with a chance of some showers of snow falling over the mountainous areas that are more than 1,000 meters, and that will continue until Friday night.
Additionally, ArabiaWeather’s Chief Operating Officer, Osama Al-Tarifi, said that the chances of rain and snow may be renewed in the hours of Thursday evening.
Tarifi added to Roya, that the momentum of the air mass has almost ended, and it begins to move away from the Kingdom's atmosphere in the afternoon hours.

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