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From The Earth, Al Marji’ Publications to promote fair trade principles


The Jordan Times


From The Earth and Al Marji’ Publications joined forces this week to promote fair trade principles. Laura Haddad, managing editor of Family Flavours, said: “Fair trade is one way we can shop smart while practising our social responsibility.” Under the year-long partnership agreement, Al Marji’ Publications, which produces Family Flavours and Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh magazines, has committed to working with From The Earth to help alleviate poverty by using fair trade business. “The concept of fair trade is new and not widely understood but is greatly needed here in Jordan,” said Abbey Saloiye, marketing manager of From The Earth. Offering quality handmade jewellery, greeting cards and other locally made products, the success of From The Earth has proven that companies can pay employees above minimum wage and still be sustainable. “We look forward to seeing the fair trade message spread further this year through our partnership with Al Marji’ Publications,” says Founder and General Manager Jonathan Hankin.


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